Rally Racing Crash at the Temple Canyon Hill Climb, 2017

Rally Racing Crash at the Temple Canyon Hill Climb, 2017 from Youtube by Racer Dave, 0 views

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We experienced our first major crash in our rally car. Unfortunately Mike was injured pretty bad but we're both on our way to recovery and we'll be back as soon as the car gets straightened out. Thanks for the overwhelming support! The Racer Dave channel was created to help share information, get people involved in auto racing, and share some exciting race videos. Most auto racers like to be secretive about what they're doing but I want to share everything I can to help people get started and be successful. Although I have a long history of racing bikes and motorcycles, I didn't start really getting involved in auto racing until 2014 when I started just riding along as a passenger in rallycrosses. In 2015 I started co-driving in rallys and dual entering a buddies car in rallycrosses. By 2016 I was hooked and decided to dive in head first and build my own full on rally car! I found the advice of pros was interesting but usually not the perspective I was looking for as a newby. Subscribe and follow me as I share all the tips and tricks that I learn along the way! Please leave me any questions or comments and if you have anything you don't want public just email me directly at 4RacerD*************. And don't forget follow me on F***************************/4racerdave or Instagram @4RacerDave for all the latest updates and racing action! I hope to see you out at the races!

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