SSBB Wi-Fi: Xcat2 VS. Terron145

SSBB Wi-Fi: Xcat2 VS. Terron145 from Youtube by DevenDesign, 147 views

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Normally, I would record battles live, but I just did not feel like recording the battle that time. I did save the replays to send to others though and for uploading-to-Youtube purposes. I think both Terron and I did very well, however, our dodging could have increased before the actual battle. Prior to offense, we wouldn't have erred as much if we performed that action. I'm not trying to be negative about this; I'm just trying to support my friend. Still, he did very well. Though, I do like how I dodged in a different style from time to time in the video unlike how other people would normally dodge. Offense was our strength rather than defense during the recording of the video, however. Regarding the editing, I've never edited like this before. The program I used is much more complicated, although slightly similar to Adobe. How well do you think I edited this video? I did put in more effort than usual. Thanks for watching. Please comment and subscribe... But don't just comment and subscribe, but to Terron145. [Edited 1:43 PM EST February 7, 2010] I hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!

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