Eldar vs Imperial Guard (6th Ed) 1500pt battle report

Eldar vs Imperial Guard (6th Ed) 1500pt battle report from Youtube by EldarCorsair, 3,341 views

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Click to 0:40 to skip intro if desired! Army list: Farseer on Jetbike: Stones, RoWard, Mind War, Guide, Spear - 163 5x Swooping Hawks - 105 5x Swooping Hawks - 105 10x Warp Spiders: Exarch w/Dual Spinners, Powerblades, Withdraw - 262 10x Guardians: BL - 110 10x Guardians: EML, Warlock w/Embolden, Spiritseer - 136 6x Jetbikes: 2x Shuri, Warlock on bike w/Embolden, Spear - 205 Wraithlord - BL & Scatter, (2x Flamers) - 150 Wraithlord - BL & Shuriken, (2x Flamers) - 140 2x Warwalkers: 4x Scatter - 120 = 1496 I take a foot-flying mixed Eldar army and face a massive Imperial Guard force on a desert planet.

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