Jughead Jukebox: "Three Doors"

Jughead Jukebox: "Three Doors" from Youtube by Jughead870, 25 views

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"Three Doors" - Open for lyrics. I come upon three doors. On the left is a red door. On the right is a green door. Between them is an open door. Which door do I pass through? Ah, the first choice of the journey. Well certain logic would tell me that red means stop and green means go. I’ve already stopped, so I guess I chose the red door without thinking about it. Does that make sense? No really. Peddlers make more cents. Suspicion keeps me away from the middle door because it’s already open. Is it inviting me in, pulling me into its trap? Well before I make my final decision, I’m going to close it and see what color it has. Okay, and it’s a white door. That doesn’t help. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll color it. Oh, I only have a pen. Ah, I’ll write on it instead. There. I wrote “I went that way” with an arrow pointing to the red door. And now I’m going through the green door. This is to make people think that I went that way in case I’m being followed. Then again, if I wanted to mislead potential stalkers I could’ve just left the middle door open. In fact, I’m going back to leave both doors open. Okay, now this is weird. They’re gone. It’s just me and the green door. Am I going crazy? I know they were there before, and I wrote on the white door. Well then, tell you what, let’s draw them back on here. There. Crude but hopefully… why did I do that? Also I just noticed that there’s no wall. What’s been holding up these doors? When I walked through the green door, where did I go? Maybe I went nowhere. Maybe it’s just a floating frame and I walked through it. I don’t know any more.

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