APH PruHun - How it should have ended (Safe And Sound)

APH PruHun - How it should have ended (Safe And Sound) from Youtube by AwesomePan Cosplay, 3 views

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Hi guys! ^-^ Yes, we're not dead! This is the long-awaited project we had been working on for so long. We switched many places, many seasons and we needed to match our free time with our friends and cosplay guests as well... Things just didn't go all that fast you know! Plus, we took part in a cosplay video contest at Animefest 2017 in Brno and shared the 2nd place with one other contestant. So I guess I can say we're pretty happy and motivated to improve our video-making until next time! :) So, here it is and we really do hope you like it at least a bit! Next video is coming out probably in this summer, so stay tuned! ~AwesomePan Cosplay~

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