Girlfriend/Boyfriend TAG

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The Girlfriend/Boyfriend Tag
tu meri girlfriend ma tera boyfriend Na Na Na Na Punjabi Song by j star

1. where did we meet? 2. what was our first date? 3. where was our first kiss and how was it? 4. did u know that i was the one 5. first impression? 6. when did u meet the family 7. do we have a tradition 8. what was our first roadtrip 9. who said i love u first and where were we 10. what do we argue about the most 11. who wears the pants in the relationship 12. if im sitting in front of the tv what am i watching 13. what dressing do i get on my salad 14. whats the one food don't i like 15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink 16. what size shoe do i wear 17. if i was collecting anything what would it be 18. what is my favorite type of sandwich 19. what would i eat everyday if i could 20. what my fav cereal 21. what is my fav music 22. whats my fav sports team 23. what is my eye color 24. who is my best friend 25. what is something that you do that i wish you didn't 26. what is my heritage and where am i from 27. you bake me a cake for my birthday what kind do u make 28. did i play any sports 29. what could i spend hours doing 30. what is one unique talent that i have

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