Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Highlights 24

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Highlights 24 from Youtube by Jughead870, 170 views

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Welcome to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Highlights! This is the series for funny and epic moments collected in each reel. The box in the upper-left corner denotes which color GameCube controller I used and player Miiverse names are listed under their respective characters. Thank you MaskOfSethiroph for translating the Japanese player’s name at Flat Zone X. A handful of random players shown here escaped my “Smash Jail”, aka my block list, in what appears to have been a reset. What a weird system Sakurai and team hath wrought. On a positive note, I managed to include all 58 characters in this reel. Enjoy! Featured players: -MSX (MegamanSonicX) -Mik3 (GoldRaptor17) -Trev (themaster1359) -Yoshiller (Yoshiller2) -Torus (Torus - LegendsInOurFreeTime) -Sethiroph (MaskOfSethiroph) -Whattageek (Whattageek) -xZero (xZero - LegendsInOurFreeTime) -shrooby (shrooby) Featured custom stages: -Bodegio Cove -Rose Palace -Gallandero Fort Featured Amiibo: -Gym Kim (seemed Wii-Fitting to me, ohoho!) -Amy Sundip (wanted a name with "Sun" in it) -Sprocket (based on Captain Sprocket from Archie Comics) -Journeyman (took a journey around the county to find it) -Agent Fry (bought it from Fry's Electronics) -Macca (nicknamed after my favorite musician Paul McCartney) -Windston (combined the name Winston and Wind Waker) -ROB-SE77TZ (labeled by its England area code from where I got it) -Neville (looked like he'll grow up to be a Neville) -Marthames (acquired from Ames "aims", Iowa) -Dee Elssy (punned DLC as my only DLC character Amiibo) -Geppetto (had the uncanny resemblance to Geppetto) Thanks for watching! Come back again for more highlights!

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