1960s Gogo Dance DVD

1960s Gogo Dance DVD from Youtube by Sugarblue Burlesque, 209,989 views

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( http://www.sugarblueburlesque.com/dvd/ ) Learn authentic go-go steps straight out of the 1960s, with A'dora Derriere and Scarlet O'Harlot, the go-go lovin' dancers from Australia's own Sugar Blue Burlesque! You're guaranteed to work up a sweat and have a blast doing it! The wild, upbeat music will get your toes tapping in this energetic DVD, and in no time you'll be doing the Monkey, the Wahtusi, the Swim, the Hully Gully, the Pony, the Mashed Potato, the Twist and more! Featuring swingin' go-go tunes by Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys, Rocket to Memphis and Day of the Dead! 1. Introduction 2. Twist & Shout 3. Ride The Pony 4. Beach Party 5. Go-Go Animal 6. Mod Party Extra Features include Live footage from a Sugar Blue Burlesque show, plus how to do a 60s Beehive hairstyle!

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