Best Duo’s For Overwatch in Season 3 – Best Overwatch Duo Queue Combos For Ranked

Best Duo’s For Overwatch in Season 3 – Best Overwatch Duo Queue Combos For Ranked from Youtube by The Pride, 1,605 views

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Hey whats up you beauties!!! In this video I wanted to talk to you about 4 dynamic duos that could possibly help you reach masters in season 3! If you and your duo partner are more of a DPS and Support duo I would Suggest Ana And Soldier 76’s With Ana’s Nano Boost movement speed being nerf, Reinhardt and Reaper are receiving it less. Instead it is going to Soldier 76. Why though? This is because soldiers damage buff has pushed him into the main stage for DPS heroes. Second he has superior effective damage at range compared to McCree and reaper. Allowing him to be out of harm’s way and allowing for Ana to baby sit him easier when things get crazy. Ana’s biotic grenade also synergizes well with Soldiers biotic field. Properly placed it can provide the duo with some pretty good sustain, as well as your teammates. Also Ana’s ability to control targets if ambushed or looking for a pick, combined with soldier’s damage can eliminate those controlled targets pretty effectively. Overall this is a solid comp to take to a competitive match when duoing and if played properly I believe you will be able to climb the ranks pretty quickly in season 3. The Best Duo If you and your partner are better with tanks I would Suggest Reinhardt And Roadhog RoadHogs Hooks serve as the catalyst for team fights, whether you are defending or on offense, if landed it is the green light for the attack. Reinhardt is a great partner because he provides the cover that Roadhog needs to effectively get the picks to initiate the attack. Behind Cover you should be fishing for the perfect opportunity to strike and once you have hit gold with your hooks. That when your Reinhardt looks for the opportunity to stun or charge in, creating valuable space for your duo to clean up the rest of the team by wreaking havoc on the enemy team. Reinhardt’s high armor count and Roadhogs self- healing create a duo that also can absorb a lot of damage in the right circumstances. If you and your duo partner can successfully get picks and effectively initiate the attacks. You will provide your team with the foundation for success while on attack or on the defense. I like this duo also because if played right they have enough damage and control to secure the kills if your teammates aren’t able to follow up. If you and your duo love getting those sick eliminations I would suggest Soldier 76 and RoadHog These two synergize together well because they both have very good damage and enough self-healing to to sustain themselves if used effectively. RoadHog as discussed earlier has that strong ability to go fishing for some picks. Once you get one pick with Roadhogs high damage combo you are up 6v5, then soldier is able to get a long range pick on another up 6v4. Allowing for an easy initiation of the team fight. Leaving a major advantage for your team to have the upper hand. Another important thing to not is that roadhog and soldier have the ability together to take down a Reinhardt shield very quickly. This Duo can create a window of opportunity for your team to press the attack or even allow clear lanes for soldiers ultimate to get those picks, along with some clear lanes for some hooks. If you and your duo can Roadhog and soldier well. Now lets take a look at the supportyier duo and that duo would be lucio and Anna These two synergize extremely well together mainly because of their heal mechanics. Lucio’s healing boost along with Ana’s biotic field will heal your team immensely. Also you will be able to effectively synergize your ultimate’s together. For example you have a reaper, while Beyblade was kind of nerfed because they took the speed boost away from nano boost, you can give reaper the speed boost he needs to Beyblade with lucio. If done correctly you can still get the same effect prior to the nerf with the added plus of them having a sound barrier. Forcing the enemy to deal with the treat or be team killed! Supports are normally the anchors for team, they have the ability to change the course of the match. Over all if this duo is played correctly with a semi competent team you should be able to secure the win with ease by effectively synergizing your heals and combine ultimate’s That concludes my video on the Best Duos for Season 3. It is my hope that this information will help you and your duo partner climb the ranks. If you like this video please share these videos on social media and be sure to like comment and subscribe and we will see you in the next one! Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Let me know if you found me by any of these search terms. best duos in overwatch, Best Duos For Overwatch Season 3, overwatch duo synergy, overwatch duo combo, overwatch duo queue combos, overwatch duo queue, overwatch duo strategy, overwatch duo queue ranked, best overwatch duos, best overwatch duos, best overwatch duo combos, overwatch hero combos, overwatch character combos, The Pride,

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