Tau vs Salamaders Batrep

Tau vs Salamaders Batrep from Youtube by Altark Ali Ark, 946 views

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2500pts of Tau and Space Marines duking it out! Stay tuned for the rest of game! Here are the army lists: Tau: HQ Crisis Suit with bodyguards and drones O'Shova with full retinue of drones and Crisis Suits One full unit of Stealth Suits One full unit of Elite Crisis Suits Three seven -man units of Fire Warriors with Devilfish transports One full unit of Pathfinders with Devilfish One full unit of XV88 Broadsides with drones Space Marines/Salamanders: Forgefather He'Stan Forge Master Three full units of Tactical Squads with Standard Razorback, Meltagun and Combiflamer One unit of five Scouts Two full units of Sternguard all armed with combimeltas and have a drop pod One full unit of Assault Marines with two flamers and a thunder hammer Three Ironclad Dreadnoughts with meltagun and heavy flamer; two with drop pods and one with out. Those were the armies, Tau being lead by Sanchez and Space Marines being lead by me. First time doing a battle report, and thanks for watching!

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