Jughead Jukebox: "It Isn't Half Hot Mum"

Jughead Jukebox: "It Isn't Half Hot Mum" from Youtube by Jughead870, 205 views

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"It Isn't Half Hot Mum" - Open for info. This is a parody of the old British sitcom "It Ain't Half Hot Mum" which depicted a concert party (entertainers) in the British Army stationed in Deolali, India, at the end of WWII. The men liked to dress up as women in 1940s pantomime which irked their masculine Sgt. Major. Among the men were a sensitive aspiring actor, a boffin, a problematic midget, a Scottish bully, a food-lover, a rookie whom the Sgt. Major thought was his son, and a seventh man who really didn't do much. They were overseen by a snobby colonel and captain. They employed three local Indians: a bearer (butler), a chai wallah (server of tea and food), and a punkah wallah (pre-electric fan-waver). Characters: -Indian Bearer Rangi Ram (renamed Rishi Ram for parody) -Sgt. Major Williams (renamed Sgt. Major Waleston for parody) -Colonel Reynolds (renamed Colonel Reynards for parody) -Captain Ashwood (renamed Captain Teshwood for parody) -Chai Wallah Muhammad (renamed Chai Wallah Dino for parody) -Punkah Wallah Rumzan (Urdu not spoken in parody) -Bombardier "Gloria" Beaumont (re-nicknamed "Ginger" for parody) -Gunner "Paderewski" Graham (re-nicknamed "Ignacy" Braham for parody) -Gunner "Lofty" Sugden (re-nicknamed "Lefty" Dugsen for parody) -Gunner "Nobby" Clark -Gunner "Nosher" Evans -Scottish Gunner "Atlas" Mackintosh -Rookie Gunner "Parky" Parkins As per Jughead Jukebox tradition, I do all sounds and voices by myself which means that some characters may sound the same, but I did the best that I could. "Meet the Gang" is a theme song by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. "Land of Hope and Glory" was written by A. C. Benson.

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