Wu Tang Collection - Hooded Swordsman

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Director: Chan Lit-Ban Cast: Mit Chaibancha, Tien Yeh, Shek Kin, Fan Ling A brilliant Hong Kong swordplay film: choreographed by Liu Chia Liang. Sheng and his band of basket-headed rascals are out to eliminate old Ho and his small band of swordsmen to gain control of the local salt mine. Both sides want master swordsman Wei Ching on their side, but hed much rather enjoy a pastoral life with Hos daughter. Bearded, hulking lunatic Lo Lui (Tien Yeh), with his merciless sword and boomerang darts, also wants the girl -- a classic case of unrealistic expectations; he wipes out entire villages single-handedly just for the fun of it, and wants nothing more than a match with peaceful Wei much to the delight of Sheng.

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