Warrior big collab map ( reuploaded)

Warrior big collab map ( reuploaded) from Youtube by Dubstep_city_ 7, 64 views

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I've decided anyone can join! Yes no need to ask! Anyone! JUST ANIMATE ONE OF THESE PARTS!! 😄 intro: Warriors suiting up for battle and lending each other swords and stuff! Middle: Warriors charging into battle some run away in fear! Some archers are helping with the attack! Some of us are defeated! 😱 Middle end : Warriors are giving it all they have! We are getting defeated by haters!! 😱 Some of us give up! Some of us turn against the warriors! Ending: We finally get up and fight even harder! The battle has ended we have won! The haters are defeated! Ending ending: We bow down to the queen and the queen does the same healing all of the warriors! ANYONE CAN JOIN! PLS PLS HAVE A BLACK BACKGROUND! watermarks are allowed! Please let it be fully animated! ** Due date ** June 20th ( 1 day before my bday 😄) I would like this to be done pls till then! Parts can be as long as you want!

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