LPS: Return- Part One- Dimension Two

LPS: Return- Part One- Dimension Two from Youtube by Kapiti House Productions, 193 views

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Imagine being on the run, all the time. With only five people on your side against millions, running for your lives, in a different dimension. Ria, when a preschool found in her grandfathers attic a old washing machine, or was it. Ria and her friends climbed in to see what it was like (being preschoolers) and all of a sudden, they were in a different world. 12 Years later, still in dimension two, Ria is on the run from a enemy for years. Queen Kina. Kina finds Ria, her brother Raj, and her sister Rana. After killing Rana, Kina brainwashes Ria and sends her back to dimension one. Confused, the first thing Ria sees is the machine, and curios climbs in, still not remembering anything, the door closes and she is sent back to dimension two...... So what do you guys think of my new mini series? And don't worry, long lost is not cancelled, ep. 4 is coming soon. Music; Truth of legend- Kevin Macleod The Forest and the trees- Kevin Macleod Kool Kats- Kevin Macleod ------------------------------------------------------------------ -.-._LETS CONNECT_.-.- EMAIL ********************* INSTAGRAM kapiti_girl and kapitiphotos WEBSITE kapitihouse.wix.com/channel ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © copyright 2016 by Kapiti House Productions

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